Information About Bendigo Santa Photos

Log In Password Code

When you have your photos taken you will receive a photo strip with a code at the bottom.
Your code will have 2 letters at the start, followed 6 numbers. EG. JP120300
Sometimes you may see the underscore symbol on your photo strip EG _
This symbol is used as a spacer and is not to be used with your log in attempt.

Multiple Log In Codes

If you more than 3 photos taken you will be given two or more log in codes.
You will need to use each log in code to view all your photos.
Only 1 log in code will have access to 3 photos.

Animal Farm Photos

Animal farm photos are free to download. They are included in your ticketed price.

Where are my animal farm photos?

— Animal farm photos are generally uploaded 48 hours after the session —
To view your animal farm photos, use the code you received with your Santa photos.
This code will match up with the session time you visited the animal farm.
When you log in with your password code there will be a link to the animal farm photo gallery.

Digital Copies of Santa Photos

High resolution Santa photos can only be purchased for download.
Digital copies of your Sonata photos are not included with any photo package or ticket price.

Add Santa Photos To Checkout

Santa photos needed to be added to cart before proceeding to checkout.
After checkout, you will be redirected to your photos straight away.
You will also receive an email with a link to your photos so you can access them at a later time.

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