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Bendigo Santa Photos and Christmas Lights

About Bendigo Santa Photos

Bendigo Santa Photos is a local team of photographers who make Santa photos come to life. We set ourselves apart by giving individual care and putting the customer first when comes to fast service and high quality images. Our experienced professionals are able to handle the processing of thousands of Santa photos in a quick and easy to understand way. We have the largest collection of high quality event photo booth printers in Bendigo and can print in various sizes and formats that will make you stand out from the rest. Let us capture the joy of your Christmas season.

Long Life Photo Prints

Our photo printers are some of the highest quality dye sublimation printers on the market. Our photos have three layers of colour and a laminate protection finish, so you know they will last for years to come.

Digital Photos

We save our photos in 24 megapixel quality and we don’t compress the file size any less than it needs to be. You get DSLR quality photos as good as any private photo session with a professional photographer.

Flexible Services

We can accommodate any situation that you need. Whether that be building up a photo set for Santa Claus, providing promotional content or handling the point of sale.

Private Access

We can keep your Santa photos locked away safely behind our password protected wall. All our sales and photos are handled with privacy in mind and we don’t sell our to third party businesses. We handle technical and printing all within house.

Event Solutions

If you need a roaming photographer to cover other aspects of your Christmas event we have you covered. We even know where to find qualified elves for keeping Santa on track.

Materials & Props

We have contacts with manufacturing suppliers who are able make custom Christmas themed photo cards or USBs. We also have a vendors who can provide Christmas setups and mascots.

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